This survey was designed for Helicopter and Fix-Wing Emergency Medical Services (HEMS/EMS) Pilots. The study will depend on feedback from Helicopter and Fix-Wing emergency medical services pilots who live in the United States. To participate, you must be a Federal Aviation Administration certified pilot that is currently employed and flying for an FAR Part 135 air carrier operator.
You will be asked to complete an on-line survey, consisting of 17 questions about your opinions on safety culture and safety management systems (SMS) in your organization, 16 demographic questions, and 11 questions about aviation technology utilization. The session will take approximately 20 minutes. 
Potential Risk/Discomfort. Although there are no known risks in this study, this survey measures your opinions about safety culture and safety management, and does not require any physical or face to face interaction between yourself and the researcher. You are not required to participate. You may stop participating in this study at any time you choose. 
Anonymity/Confidentiality. This is a confidential survey, and nondisclosure of your identity will be strictly enforced. Your identity will remain anonymous throughout the study. The researcher will not know your identity. No email or other identifying data will be collected or saved, and no employer will have access to any data other than the published study. 
By continuing beyond this point and participating in this study, you attest that you have read the above Informed Consent and description of the Safety Cultures and Safety Management Systems study and understand the conditions of your participation. You agree that the researcher may use the non-identified aggregate data for the purpose of examining the relationship between organizational safety culture and safety management system implementation. 
Thank you in advance for your participation. 
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Steven Buckner

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