Welcome to the Best and Highest Use(R) QuickSurvey

Based on Andy Birol’s work, the free Best and Highest Use® QuickSurvey of 15 questions will rate your relationship to your business goals and compare your business to other similar businesses. This is an introductory offer of the Best and Highest Use® Growth Assessment Survey for companies that meet the following requirements.

Free QuickSurvey Requirements:
· For business owners with ten employees or more and/or >$1m in revenue 
· Business owners who complete the survey and do not have ten employees or $1m or greater in revenue will not receive the free results.
All survey results are confidential and will not be shared with others. 

Taking the Survey   

1. Click on the door in the logo at the bottom of this page to begin the survey.
2. You will see a series of statements asking you to determine your level of agreement. Your answers represent the entire company, not your region, division, department, work group or job. 
3. Some statements may be worded negatively, so please consider the options carefully before responding. 
4. If the statement is about a function or process that does not currently exist in the company, please leave it blank.
5. Results are typically processed within one business day.

Those looking for a more comprehensive assessment may click here to try the full assessment (the "Best and Highest Use(R) GrowthAssessment") within their company at a special discount.

If you need assistance or have questions while taking this survey, please contact:

Andy Birol
(440) 349-1970