Vision Service Plan


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VSP is the nation's largest provider of eye care coverage; more than one in 10 Americans rely on VSP for eye care wellness.


VSP currently employs Hostedware to conduct ongoing Manager 360 reviews. VSP was in need of a company that could provide a full service solution to conduct their manager reviews; this involves a complete cycle of professional services, including online survey set-up, respondent database development, distribution of email invitations, reminder invitation services, data gathering, report generation, toll-free phone and email support, and distribution of duplicate reports sent to both the manager being evaluated and that person's supervisor.


Because information collected in manager evaluations is very sensitive, VSP required an outside 3rd party vendor to house the data and develop detailed reports. This helps to insure the anonymity of the people participating in the evaluation, ultimately allowing for truthful and unguarded answers. To further insure that responses are held in the strictest of confidence, respondents are only identified by the relationship they have with the manager and grouped within that category. If any category contains less than 3 respondents, that relationship category is either excluded from the report or combined with an equally low group to make up a new "other" category. Finally, the results of the survey are tabulated by Hostedware, and, after reports are developed, a hard copy is sent to the manager/supervisor via conventional mail. This is to help prevent data from being accessed by unauthorized persons.


Hostedware provides VSP a well-rounded, full service solution to conduct ongoing manager reviews and has received positive feedback from many VSP employees. Hostedware has conducted more than 100 manager evaluations for this company, all with great success, averaging a 99.5% response rate across 1,000's of participants. Our knowledgeable staff and quality online survey application has made this a completely successful project, now and for years to come.