Rembisz and Associates


International Management Consulting Firm

Rembisz & Associates is an international management consulting firm, offering their clients solutions to tough organizational, leadership and management issues that, if not acted on, can erode organizational and management performance. Hostedware provides a critical backbone of this company with custom developed solutions and data storage.


As an international consulting firm, Rembisz & Associates relies on Hostedware for our uptime guarantees, providing "anytime access" to clients, anywhere in the world. There is no concern for aggravating server downtime during local non-business hours.


As a management consulting firm, Rembisz & Associates specializes in the ongoing measurement of organizational climates. Taking the pulse of an organization enables leaders to evaluate the health of the organization. Today, organizations are concerned about retaining employees and organizational morale. Hostedware facilitates the solution of periodic organizational surveys customized to assess the status of current organizational issues and concerns. Through Hostedware's custom developed pulsing application, Rembisz & Associates has the ability to survey organizations, provide feedback and facilitate organizational action planning. The survey becomes a benchmark by which to evaluate organizational development. Surveys can be targeted to evaluate Employee Satisfaction, Culture, Change, Quality, Customer Orientation and Satisfaction, International and Global Development, and Training and Individual Career Development. Survey items can be customized and multilingual translations can be made. Survey results are stored and accessible in real-time for quick turnaround of information.


Hostedware plays an integral role in Rembisz & Associates' organizational measurements with the development and rollout of the PeopleScan Organizational Pulsing application. PeopleScan, developed exclusively for Rembisz & Associates by Hostedware's expert programming staff, is a fully automated online application, primarily polling each individual in an organization for motivation and activity levels. The purpose of the PeopleScan process is to first measure the motivation and activity levels of an organization in order to align a healthy and productive level of performance. This is achieved through an ongoing series of measurements, feedback and detailed analysis including drill-down analysis, trend reports and benchmark comparisons.


In addition to organizational performance measuring, Hostedware provides their professional services to design and administer Rembisz & Associates' Manager 360 Leadership Effectiveness surveys. Survey data from Hostedware's survey database is merged with a pre-existing reporting system developed by R&A, resulting in the successful integration of two separately designed systems. The end result is a comprehensive and well-presented feedback 360 instrument that identifies strengths of managers, areas for improvement, and alignment of managers' perception of themselves with the perception of others.