Mathews and Company


Specializing in Customer Satisfaction with IT Departments

For 25 years, Mathews & Company has specialized in improving IT organizations through ongoing measurements of customer satisfaction. Polling of both IT providers and their customers effectively aligns business practices with customer needs. Through ongoing measurement, 70% of Mathews & Company's clients show an improvement in customer satisfaction between their first and second surveys. Mathews & Company also provides IT organizations with the largest database of benchmark data, allowing IT organizations to compare their results with peers across 100's of companies.


Mathews & Company has continually used Hostedware as a cost and time effective solution for their business. Hosted Survey has played a key role in increasing their competitiveness and profitability. The following is a statement provided by Mathews & Company to their clients about the services we provide:


Web enable your questionnaire, encourage more openness from your customers and increase your survey's response rate through the use of our independent third-party, and highly cost-effective Internet data capture and reporting process. Your results will be more actionable by our identifying those questions that are the major drivers of customer satisfaction and customer value.


Hostedware has earned the loyalty of Mathews & Company by providing, from start to finish, the most reliable means of online data collection, from survey set-up and administration to custom report development.

Over time, many Web surveys developed by Hostedware have been stored in Mathews & Company's account, thus creating a library of surveys that can be immediately launched and re-used for little to no additional cost. This is an added value for our clients who must re-use an existing survey to measure improvement and conduct longitudinal studies over time, and quickly.


Similar to creating a library of surveys for later re-use, Hostedware has also developed custom report templates that may be re-used with existing surveys. These report templates include quantitative/qualitative analysis, comparisons to previous survey results, benchmark mean rating comparisons, and charts that graphically depict analysis. After the initial development of these report templates, the reports can be updated and/or re-used for other clients by simply taking a few minutes and importing new survey data. The template will then automatically generate your new reports.


From survey set-up and deployment to report generation, there is no other solution that can compete with our knowledgeable and friendly staff, ease of product use, extremely quick turnaround time, and cost effectiveness that Hostedware provides in its solution to your customer satisfaction projects. Prepare for your clients to be impressed.